Staying in the Game


I've been a gamer all my life; in the board game sense of the word. Games were what we did. Four brothers meant a dependable pool of opponents, even if it was just a 2-person game of War fought with three decks of mismatched cards.
Jacks were always wild.
Then the games stopped. Like dice, we rolled in different directions, creating our own wins and losses until, slowly,the family games started
up again, patching us back together, one round at a time.
That's why every time I deal a hand of cards and my mother says, "who dealt this mess?" I love it because I know that one more unfair, questionable, irreversible slight has been dealt with and forgotten. It's forgiveness on every turn and we all take turns dealing.
Now, when we win, we gloat and rub it in. When we lose we blame each other. When the game is over, we drink more wine and brag about our past successes. It's family therapy of the best kind. That's because it's not about winning or losing anymore. It's about staying in the game.