Videos for Speakers

Here's Tami!

This film features Tami Evans, a motivational speaker that specializes in "crucial content with heaps of humor." The goal in this film was to illustrate how her passion for making people smile has led her to create a unique and comedic approach to changing people's lives both personally and professionally. Tami was voted TOP 5 New Speakers 2012 by the National Speakers Association (NSA) and is currently President of the New York City Chapter. Her films serve a dual purpose: as a marketing tool and to send to Speaker Association and potential clients as a way to showcase her work.

Half Full of It

Tami does all different types of workshops and presentations. Half Full of It is about how to use relationship and communication skills to make the most of your personal and professional life.

When the Chick Hits the Fan

When the Chick Hits the Fan is an entertaining performance keynote in which Tami uses clean comedic storytelling and engages the audience in interactive conversation about all things female.

Half Full of It: The Book

Tami's book, Half Full of It: Activating Optimism and Other Hard Core Soft Skills, is an amusing guide to help people start to live their own lives with more humor and a perspective on what is really important. Tami's book was named one of the top motivational books of 2014 by the Indie Book Awards.

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