Schools & Children's Programs

Superkids Childcare & Learning Center

I was hired by Superkids Childcare & Learning Center, located in Summit, New Jersey, to make 8 short videos. I decided the best way to show what made this place special was to see it through the eyes of the children who attended. There has been a waiting list at the school since these films were integrated into their online marketing strategy.

Superkids Summer Camp

Superkids Child Care & Learning Center launched a new summer camp program in 2015 called Super Partners. The idea was to create a camp that introduced children, ages 5-11, to organizations and services that helped and supported the local community.

The Infants

The best way to enter a babies' world is by shooting on their level (down low) and getting close up. I wanted to show life from their point of view as they explored the world around them. Infants seem to change and learn something new every day.

The Toddlers

Toddlers stand out for their burgeoning language skills which provide them with new ways to express themselves. They love to sing and dance and look at picture books. They are moving into pretend play and finding out how much fun it can be to learn.

The Waddlers

Waddlers is the unique age that resides after infants and before toddlers. This comes soon after children learn to walk. They are on the move but not quite sure where they are going yet.

Pre-Kindergarten I

This age group is "busy." They never stop! Everything is so exciting! And, they do it all with gusto! My goal in this film was to capture their energy and excitement through movement of the camera and within the frame.

Pre-Kindergarten II

This age represents a big turning point in self awareness when children start to form opinions about themselves and what they like and don't like. For that reason, I decided to interview them. Who better to tell us what they liked about Superkids? The results are heartwarming and speak volumes both about the children and where they go every day to play and learn.

Pre Kindergarten III

From letters to numbers to books to computers to parties, this age has a little bit to say about everything they do. At this age children love to show others what they know! As one little girl says, “we like when we’re doing work, because we love work.”