Marketing Videos for Artists & Creatives

Sarah Bush:
The Layers of Life

Sarah Bush is a fine artist whose own thoughts about the impermanence of life permeates everything she does. This film shows her passion for life and how she expresses that through her own creations.


Tom Wopat:
Complete with Attitude

To baby boomers, Tom Wopat is best known as one of the original Dukes of Hazzard, a television series that aired in the 1980s. Today he is a respected singer and Broadway actor, most recently appearing in the Broadway version of the film, Catch Me if You Can


Finding Humor in Art: Rick Parker, Artist

Rick Parker has been drawing "funny pictures" for a long time now. His long career spans both mainstream comic books, underground comics, cartoon strips and books. He has had success in the fine art world with his quirky and conceptual art and is also a gifted Art Teacher.


I Can't Stop Drawing: Russell Christian

Christian is a prolific artist who works in many mediums and makes a point of doing works using unusual materials, some permanent and some impermanent, such as cardboard, wood, slate and, the traditional paper and canvas. Watch this film to hear him talk about his passion and to see the results.

An Eye for Design

Tracey Stephens is an Interior Designer based in Montclair, New Jersey. Her colorful and unique work lends itself well to creating a visually compelling video. Her passion is to, not only create beautiful interior spaces, but to also do it with a focus on "green design." Since launching this film, Tracey has been featured in Houzz and designNJ magazine. She's busy all the time.

Platinum Print Pets

Photographer Tricia Rosenkilde loves photographing dogs. Her work is unusual in that she uses an old world black & white photographic process called platinum printing. The results are works of art. This film shows her in action. Listen to her story while watching her work on the set, ever so patiently, with a very rambunctious dog!