Documentary Style Marketing Videos

Documentary Style Marketing Videos help you reach new markets with a living representation of your story. They are designed to immediately engage new customers, allowing them to experience your culture truthfully and connect them to your passion for your work and the motivation behind it.

Process, Montage
& Launch Videos

     People love seeing what goes on behind-the-scenes; they feel like they’re in on a secret. Process Videos do just that. Using beautiful imagery and lighting, the camera follows the steps involved in making something, be it a painting or a pastry.
     Montage Videos combine moving images of the location laid over music. These videos are particularly effective at luring the audience into your world.
     Your story never changes but your offerings might. Launch Videos are designed as a “clarion call" to let your audience know you have something new and exciting to offer!


The Documentary Style Marketing Video is the most effective way to attract new clients but other video formats are designed to impart information. Video updates, interviews, testimonials, how-tos or videos in which you speak directly to your audience are just some of the ways video can help you stay connected to your clients and keep them up to date.