A City Symphony Underground

"The strength of 'A City Symphony Underground' is that it transcends genre,
so to speak. I would not call it a narrative documentary, even though it
documents a certain phenomenon, place, time. It truly is a "City Symphony." 

                                                                                          Margaret Parsons, Film Curator
                                                                                                  The National Gallery of Art

Synopsis:  In homage to classic documentaries such as Berlin: Symphony of a Great City (1927), by Walter Ruttman and Manahatta (1921), by Paul Strand and Charles Sheeler, A City Symphony Underground is arranged in movements to evoke the New York City Subway's daily shifting timbre. Blending footage shot in 1905, six months after the subway opened, with present day scenes this film captures the spirit, energy and rhythms of the people and the textures and colors of this underground marvel, in all its gritty beauty.

Screenings & Awards
The National Gallery Art
Black Maria Film Festival, Directors Choice Award
Big Apple Film Festival
Anthology Film Archives
Flimmer Film Festival
SENE Film Festival, Best Experimental Short
New York, No Limits Film Festival
New Yorker Magazine Website

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