The Documentary Style Marketing Video
inspires passion, connection & action.

The Documentary Style Marketing Video is the video that will give you the most "bang for your buck." That's because it's Evergreen, i.e., why you do what you do - your passion - never changes. Your voice, moving images and music are woven together to create an impactful message and elicit emotion from the viewer. They are effective because people make purchases with their hearts, not their minds.

Phase 1: Planning

Storytelling: Strategy session at your location to define and refine your story, clarify your goals and discuss what will best “show” your story. At the core of this process is truly understanding your value proposition. I’ll spend time with you defining and refining your story and what will transpire is a legacy for your business that you can use and have for years to come. It’s a valuable process that will not only inform the film we make together, but all of your marketing messaging in the future.

Phase 2: Shooting

Filming: Film the product or services using high-end professional video, audio and lighting equipment in one or more locations, depending on goals.

Interview: Professionally lit and shot interview. Instead of relying on "talking heads" to impart information, I often use only the audio portion of the interview and layer this over the video footage. This way the sound of the voice "tells" the story while the footage "shows" the outcome. However, since the interview is shot "as if" I am using the video footage, the client will have this interview to cull from at a later date for their own purposes. See examples of my approach here.  

Phase 3: Post Production

Editing: The film is built in the editing room. It’s about taking the raw material and forming into a cohesive whole that tells a story and creates an “experience” for the viewer. This is the most time consuming part of the process since, because we rarely use “talking heads” or follow scripts. Instead, it’s an organic process that produces a carefully constructed piece, unique to the client both in structure and feel including an effective, yet subtle, Call to Action. Includes addition of Titles and logo along with color correcting and two passes at the final cut.

Sound Design: Audio is so important to the overall feel and messaging of the film. Location sound, voiceover, music and, sometimes, sound effects must be melded together to both support and enhance the picture. It’s a contrapuntal relationship. A symbiosis between equals. (Please see Sutton Clock Shop on the Creative Businesses page for an example of the power of sound design.)


A 2 to 5 minute artfully made, legacy film for marketing your business and growing your audience, compressed for immediate upload for use on the Web.

*All footage and outtakes, including from interview, will be provided to client for future use.

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