Twyla Tharp and the "Art" of Habits

Creative Habit: Learn It & Use it For Life 
by Twyla Tharp

Why is it so easy to maintain bad habits and not good habits? That's a quandary I always struggle with as I'm not a naturally regimented. I have to force myself to stick to a schedule. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't . . . . But, this book by celebrated choreographer Twyla Tharp has been a big help. It is, hands down, one of the best recent publications on committing to the creative process. According to Tharp, no matter what your creative medium is, it all boils down to practice and discipline and, in this book, she shares stories from her own life as well as many anecdotes from writers, film makers, painters, and others that makes her advice concrete and accessible. She also offers exercises that help spark creativity, overcome blocks, and help you to understand your creative nature better.

So, work on those habits. But don't beat yourself up too much if you fall back into some of your OLD bad habits . . . We are, after all, human. :-)