To Sell is Human

"Like it or not, we're all in sales now."
                                             To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink

 There are so many creatives out there. As a video production company, we're one of them. When we first started out we struggled with the marketing piece of the business. Sales?! Yuck! Since then, We've come to realize that a lot of other creatives struggle too.

The turning point for me came when I read Daniel Pink's book, To Sell is Human. This book both corrected and expanded my view of sales and how it works today. Most importantly, it made me realize, "I can do that!"

According to Pink, the days of making a direct sale are over. Today, he says, sales are made through "non-sales selling." Sounds weird, but he's right! Non-sales selling is a  it's kind of a sideways kind of selling which is really about building relationships via "persuading, influencing and convincing" or PIC. (That's my acronym, btw. Helps me remember!)

The point is that effective story-based video marketing is all about PIC. It helps potential clients get to know you and your service or product. It shows that you're a professional and an expert. It answers their questions. It engages their senses. Most importantly, it creates emotional connections which is the most persuasive way to engage and capture new clients.

So, what is your strategy? How do you plan to use "non-sales selling" to reach your clients?

Have a Happy Day!
---- Catherine

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