How Do You Describe What You Do? Think Adjectives!

What adjectives best describe what you do? What adjectives have your clients or friends used to describe what you do? It's important that you think about this before you produce a marketing video. That's because it's these adjectives and/or descriptors that need to be illustrated in the video through imagery and sound. Depending on what you do, you might use adjectives such as:  colorful, useful, fun, tasty, comforting, awesome . . . This is a way to think about ways to "show" what you do -- and "showing" is what video does best!

Perhaps you are a contemporary artist who creates large ceramic sculptures. Are they colorful, massive, awe-inspiring, one of a kind. All of these need to be incorporated in your video. You want the audience to see, think and, most importantly, feel as you do about your work.

You can also use more detailed descriptors. For example, a singer might relate what she does as follows: “I provide others a few minutes of song that transports them, for a little while, from their everyday lives.” 

What are your adjectives?

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