Tell Me More Videos

"Tell me More" videos do exactly that; they provide more information. They aren’t meant to be used as marketing tools for attracting new clients. They are best used for telling, not showing. What they do best is help you retain clients by keeping them interested with new material. Kind of like reading the news. Some of these types of video format can be done by you - they don't have to knock peoples' socks off with high production values. For example, maybe you're an interior designer and decide to videotape a video testimonial of a client of yours. Or, you may be a baker and you want to make a video that shows how you create a flower out of fondant. (See video below if you want to learn how! :-)) 

"Tell me More" videos may include: Testimonials; Classes & Workshops; How-to Videos; Interviews; Featured Staff, Programs or Products; Video Updates; and Webinars. 

To find out how you can weave your story into your marketing videos to build your business, contact me for a complimentary consultation at 973-271-9818.