Beware of Talking Heads

Talking heads are simply that;  people talking on camera as they do on the news or in interviews. But, they are for telling, not showing. And though there are lots of great uses for this type of video, but they are not necessarily the most effective way for creatives like you to attract clients. What they do best is help you retain clients by keeping them interested with new material. Kind of like reading the news.

Talking directly to your audience is a good approach for those entrepreneurs who don't offer a "visual" product or service. One good example are coaches. Their expertise is advising their clients verbally. For this reason seeing and hearing a coach via a video provides a way for viewers to see if he or she is someone they want to work with. They get to see the coach's human side and personality. And, as always, a high quality video reflects that the services the coach provides are also high quality.

So, talking heads have their place in the video marketing world depending on what your business is. For creatives, a better approach is always to "Show, Not Tell!"

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