Getting in Touch with Your "Why"

     Our “whys” are our stories. They are the motivation behind everything we do. In other words, your why is the wellspring of your what. If we liken it to literature, the why (story) is the theme and the what is the plot.
     Sometimes we don’t know why we do what we do. We just do it. It feels good. End of story! There’s nothing wrong with not knowing your “why.” But it certainly helps when creating an effective marketing video.
     There are added advantages too. Knowing the wellspring of your passion creates clarity and understanding which can help you align your actions and goals more closely to your story. Showing your "why" on video is also the best way to get a response from potential clients because video affects multiple senses and, because of this, has the potential to make an emotional impact. Since people need to feel something to want something, using video to share who you are, through uncovering your vulnerabilities - or, why you do what you do - results in making connections. And, connecting is the goal in today's market.
     By uncovering your unique story - your why -  and sharing it on video you will attract the attention you crave.

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