Show your story. Build your business.

Video Marketing is all about stories. If you're not telling your story, you're not reaching the largest audience possible. But, what you offer can't be “seen" or felt with words. That's where video marketing and masterful filmmaking come in. Imagine showing your talents to your potential clients in less than 3 minutes vs. having to explain or sell yourself over and over.

Marketing Videos for Creative Entrepreneurs

I use moving images and sound to create emotionally resonant and artfully rendered story-based Web Marketing videos. Each video is unique to each client and designed to attract attention in the online world. For Creatives like you, using film as a marketing tool is a match made in heaven.

Get found, seen, and heard.

Clients use their marketing films as a central component in their online and offline marketing strategies. Past clients have also received additional promotion from a variety of online publications that featured their films including, the National Retail Federation of America, the Huffington Post Online, the New Yorker Online, CNN Online, New York Originals, the PBS affiliate, WNET, and among others.

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